South American Distribution Meeting 2013
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South American Distribution Meeting 2013

The success of an organisation depends largely on having strong and successful partners and sharing with them the same vision and clear focus. Good communications are therefore essential. Fertile ground also needs to be prepared for effective and lasting growth in business.

Over the last 50 years, we have developed a unique sales strategy, product range and corporate culture for these very reasons: as a result our international distribution network now consists of 335 companies.

The fourth and last in a series of four distribution meetings was held on the 10th October in the offices of our Brazilian subsidiary in São Paulo. The first meeting in the series was held at our Singapore subsidiary on the 16th May earlier this year. The second meeting took place in Venice on the 19th September while the third was held on the 8th October at our USA subsidiary in Cincinnati.

We took advantage of the São Paulo meeting to inform our distribution network of our commitment to improving the quality of our service and performance levels, the arrival of specialist customer support personnel and experienced field personnel in Bonfiglioli Do Brasil, and the strengthening of technical and after-sales support resources.

Our success as a team has been based – and will always be based – on three pillars: a supportive headquarters, efficient subsidiaries and reliable local partners. It is therefore essential for us to work closely with our distribution network to increase our market share and more important still, to improve our service to customers.